Our Services

Our span of services expand not only to marketing and project management but also media and recruitment. These are executed by a team of specialist with enough experience to know what works but with bold creativity to continue finding out what NEW ways it could work.

The Secret Blend - Analytics

Company and Customer Analysis using our Analytics Tools - Competitor Analysis & Sales Funnel Analysis.

People Assets

Hiring, managing, and retaining Sales Force for Retail or Corporate Sales.

Social Media Sales

Fully packaged social media campaigns from pic/video content to deployment & analytics.

Systemizing Sales

SalesForce (R) Developers on-board to develop backend systems to track every of your processes.

Other Brand & Marketing

We create Branding Images, Communicative Writing, plan Deployments, and Market Surveys.

Partnership Programs

We work with a large network of hundreds of businesses and occassionally, we find a way to fit their business with your business or personal needs. Similarly, we find a way to fit your business with others' needs. It's a very exciting platform of connectivity and lowered borders.

About us

We are 4 well-armed brains converged to delivery non-traditionalist methodology of achieving goals. Along the way, we found an army that shared the same visions.

Goliath Knights Consultancy was created with the purpose of revamping traditional work styles. We've made recruitment and sales sexy to the Gen Y yet makes sense to Gen X. We perform branding magic and penetration of regional brands into Malaysian market through agile management tactics and strategies.

Human Resources


Creatives (Designing, Copywriting, Content writing, Branding)


Project Management




Our Projects

What we are working on and have worked recently.

MNC IT brand

Retail Strategizing, Brand & Retail Presence, Forcefield Hiring & Management, Media Space Buying.

Japanese Chambers of Commerce

Packaging & print design, Branding consultancy & design, Market penetration & positioning, Overall consultancy.

MNC Luxury Electrical Brand

Forcefield hiring, Forcefield campaign management, Specific forcefield rebranding.

Local Franchised Company

Print & Branding design, Social media management, Web creation & management, Content production.

The Team

Meet the team who you would be working with. Hear their stories & find out how this can help your business.

Alexie Chou

Client Diplomat

The Diplomat; The middle-woman of GKC and its partners. Alexie has been in the consultancy specializing in recruitment and creatives for 4 years, having spearheaded numerous projects with multiple MNCs, SMEs, and international commerce bodies. She enjoys scuba diving & trading outside of work.

Benjamin Ash.

Operations Commander

Hailing from a rich background in Sales & Electronics background in retail while yielding Double Degrees in Accounting and Business, Benjamin was a swiss army knife in his previous company before being placed in a specialized consultancy position in both sales and recruitment here at GKC. An experimental chef who pursues his passion for food in his spare time.


The Coinkeeper

Finance maverick, Zainani is the master of coins in GKC. She carries a demure and pleasant personality that no one can hate on but underneath that facade, Nani wields her superpower of financial planning & cost/profit advisory. Well loved by her allies, and feared by her enemies; Zainani fears only one thing - not giving the best to her 3 children.

C.E. Goh

The Cavalier

In a battle, when troops are almost defeated, the Cavalier swoops in and destroys the enemy. That is Mr. C.E. Goh. Extensive retail, tech, and management experiences means that Goh provides for the last frontier in the battlefield, wiping out the very last resistance. Outside of the fearsome image, Goh is a durian connoseur and full-time polar bear.

Positions Available!

A supportive job environment with mentorship at companies with great cultures and perks? We have that!

Customer Service Executive

Aug 10, 2016 in IT company, Midvalley

We are looking for Mandarin speaking candidates to troubleshoot walk-in customers & call-in customers' technical issue. Your
Traits: Friendly, Willing to learn, and Patient.


Channel Sales Manager

Aug 11, 2016 in Telecommunications, P.J.

We are looking for someone who primarily liaises with dealers & distributors and has a track record of high sell-in to dealers for telecommunications devices.
Requirements: Telecommunications background. Experienced in dealer sales. Able to drive dealer take up rate.


Brand Ambassador

Aug 10, 2016 in IT company, Klang Valley

Create customer awareness of products & sell devices to them. Subsequently provide after-sales service by escalating technical issues with technical department. Provide market intelligence & feedback to management. Traits: Sociallable, Helpful, Disciplined.


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